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Selectboard Meeting Minutes 



Minutes of Selectboard Meeting

April 2nd , 2014



Present at Meeting:

Bert Potter, Selectman; Steven Nicholson, Selectmen; Michael Stewart, Selectman; James Carrara, Road Commissioner; Mark Goodwin, Clerk


Members of the Public:

Sarah Bolster - Representing Shrewsbury School District, Davis Terrell - Energy Coordinator


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Selectman Potter


Approval of Agenda:

                Bert moved and Steven seconded to approve the agenda.  No discussion.  Approved


Road Commissioner's Report:

                Jamie Carrara presented the 2015 VAOT Financial Plan for approval by the Selectboard.  The plan is required on an annual basis for submission to VAOT so that allocation formulas can be derived by the State in the case of damage to Town roads in the event of an emergency (non-Federal disaster declaration).

                Bert moved and Steve seconded to accept the Financial Plan as presented by the Road Commissioner.  No Discussion.  Approved


                The Road Commissioner reported that in general the Town pulled through the winter fairly well.  Presently all trucks are running and that because of well executed planning, Shrewsbury is in the front of the queue of town truck assembly and will be taking delivery of the new truck well ahead of other towns.


Local Emergency Operations Plan and Hazard Mitigation Plan

                Local Emergency Operations Plan

Steven is working through an obtained electronic version of the 2010 approved LEOP as well as a 2011 (TSI interrupted) un-approved draft LEOP, in order to determine changes and updates that would be both necessary and useful to bring the document up to date.


                Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

                Road Commissioner Jamie Carrara expressed his concern that the Hazard Mitigation Plan has not been updated.  The document is essential for acquiring grants and other funding in order to plan for known hazards and maintain the Town Highways.  The Hazard Mitigation Plan which is an approved FEMA plan and is valid for five years, which has now expired for Shrewsbury.

                Steven indicated that he will examine the now expired plan and determine required updates that will be needed for revalidation.


VLCT - CDL Drug & Alcohol Addendum to Personnel Policy:

                Mike requested the electronic version of the documentation in order to update the requisite policy statements as recommended by VLCT.


Mountain School Solar Project:

                Sarah Bolster representing the Shrewsbury School District and Davis Terrell; Shrewsbury Energy Coordinator presented a proposed solar array project for the school possibly in conjunction with the Town and by doing so was soliciting the support of the Town via the Selectboard.

Recently a grant from the Vermont Public Service Department for Distributed Community Solar and Wind Energy Installations, has been made available.  These are competitive grants with approximately $450,000 being distributed in the $5,000 to $125k cost range increments throughout the state. 

The grant was reported as being structured as 50% - 50%with "in-kind" acceptable off sets.  Sarah indicated that an important criterion that would be evaluated was the "community" support or integration of the project across numerous community entities. 

The initial technical scope of the project as presented by Davis Terrell would be a 33 Kw / 120 panel system with an estimated cost of $100k or $50k grant eligible.  The system is estimated to generate about $8,500 annual equivalence in power that would offset the current approximately $11,000 electrical expense now attributed to the Mountain School budget.  An optimal installation site would be the Town Garage south facing roof.  This would allow for inclusion of two determining factors in the grant criteria; 1) participation by multi community entities, in this case the school and the municipality, and 2) ability of in-kind grant off set by structuring a lease agreement with the Town that would be off set with the anticipated net metering credits. 

Sarah was seeking a determination of initial support by the Selectboard so as to frame the grant proposal, in order to meet the May 9th submission deadline.

The general consensus was to support inclusion of utilizing the Town Garage for siting the project with the collective concerns to include; ability of the Town Garage roof to support the project, integrity of the current roof shingles and any possible schedule for replacement of those shingles, GMP "on-demand" Class 2 rate determination and the consequent ability to finalize a lease agreement if that would be the vehicle for either in-kind off sets or structured revenue after initial investment and payback and finally a concern as to status if school consolidation would have adverse impact on established agreements.

Based on this determined stance the Shrewsbury School District will continue moving forward and present a draft grant submission as well as more specific technical and monetary data for consideration at the next Selectboard meeting.


Mendon Brook:

                Bert moved and Steve seconded to approve a letter of support for the Trust For Public Lands to acquire the Mendon Brook tract.  Discussion: the request to include with the letter of support communication to TPL to include an easement agreement with the Town of Mendon when the deeds are written in the transfer process from the current owners to the State of Vermont.  Approved.



                Bert moved and Mike seconded to approve the following appointments


Inspector of Lumber, Shingles and Wood

John Wood


Regional Planning Commission

Mark Goodwin and David Rice alternate


Rutland Regional Transportation Council

Hull Maynard


All appointments approved.




Catering License:

                Mike moved and Bert seconded to approve the Occasions Catering permit for 5/31/2014Approved.


Renewal of Liquor & Tobacco License:

                Mike moved and Steve seconded to approve the renewal of the Liquor & Tobacco License for the Shrewsbury Cooperative at Pierce's StoreApproved


Excess weight Permits:

                Mike moved to approve Excess Weight Permits, Steve seconded:

                United Natural Foods, Feed Commodities International, Manning Pulpwood Sales, Phoenix Feed & Nutrition, Steve Montgomery Logging.  Discussion:  All relevant insurance and fees were included.  Approved


Transfer Station:

                Bert indicated that he is confident that after conversation with Cathy Stacy at VT ANR that the renewal of the Certification for the Transfer Station will be timely.  Bert will, after checking the past records for annual waste tonnage, update the final management categories on the renewal application.



                Bert moved and Steven seconded to approve the minutes for the March 3, 2014 Informational MeetingApproved


                Bert moved and Steve seconded to approve the March 5, 2014 minutesApproved


                Bert moved and Mike seconded to approve the March 19, 2014 minutesApproved



                Mike moved and Steve seconded to approve:

                Selectboard Orders # 4 of April 2, 2014 for $1,839.88 and Road Commissioners Orders # 4 of April 2, 2014 for $23,012.65

Adjustment to Selectboard Order #3A of 3/19/2014 of $5,880.84.  Adjustment is for insurance and phone which should have been allocated to the Road Commissioner Orders




                Bert moved and Mike seconded to appoint John Wood as FEMA Administrator for one year with the term expiring March 4th, 2015Approved



Meeting was duly adjourned at 8:50PM



Respectfully submitted,

 Mark Goodwin, Town Clerk


These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Selectboard at the next regularly scheduled meeting.



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