Cuttingsville PO Meeting 7/29/2014

The US Postal Service sought input from the Postal Patrons of the Cuttingsville PO regarding its’ future. 

A meeting was held on July 29, 2014.

Barb Griffith sent along this summary and photos.

Thanks Barb.


This was an interesting meeting. There was a 31% response to the survey. Those present thought that was a poor response. However we were told that usually there has been a 5% response in other communities. Because of the good response it appears we will be able to keep the Cuttingsville P.O. open, although with less hours.  We will be notified within 30 days of the final decision.


Cuttingsville PO 7-29-14 Cuttingsville PO 7-29-2014 Cuttingsville PO 7-29-2014

 Cuttingsville PO Meeting 7-29-2014 

PO Survey

Cuttingsville PO Survey Results