Transfer Station

Northam Transfer Station Hours:  
Sunday –  8 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday –  12 PM to 6 PM

You must have a valid transfer station sticker on your vehicle in order to use the transfer station.  Shrewsbury residents may obtain a sticker by sending a copy of their vehicle(s) registration to the Town Office:

Town Clerk
9823 Cold River Road
Shrewsbury, VT 05738

Recycling items are to be deposited in designated spaces provided at the transfer station, separated prior to arrival.  Containers of mixed recyclable are not accepted. Please be tidy and clean up.  All trash going into the compactor must be in bagged or presented in a 32-gallon garbage can.


Transfer Station User Guide
Paint Recycling

For resources on composting and transfer station materials accepted, contact the Solid Waste Alliance Communities (SWAC) website or call 802-342-5701.
SWAC website:

• Shrewsbury SWAC Representative: Bert Potter 802-773-2272
Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) Summary


It is illegal to burn:  paper and cardboard; garbage of any kind; tires and rubber products; plastics and furniture; treated, painted, or finished wood.